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Heavy Steel Construction Manufacturing

- Manufacturing of storage tanks.

-Manufacture of acid tanks.

-Heat exchanger manufacturing.

-Deaerator manufacturing.

-Industrial silencer manufacturing.

-Manufacture of annealing line equipment.

-Manufacture of steel service center equipment.

-Manufacture of lime factory equipment.

- Bakery equipment.

-Metallurgy plant equipment manufacturing.

-Manufacture of mining machinery.

-Manufacture of metallurgy lances.

-Stainless steel construction manufacturing.

-Titanium construction manufacturing.

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Project  and Contracting Works 

-Industrial plant and equipment manufacturing and assembly.

-Steel construction structures.

- Roofing and facade cladding services.


- Posture support services.

- Manufacturing and installation of crane systems.

-Conveyor lines manufacturing and installation.

Subcontracting Services

-Mechanical maintenance and repair.

-Factory posture support services.

-Rail systems maintenance and repair services.

-Metallurgical facilities workforce support services.

-Assembly, welding team and equipment supply.

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